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One stop service package for all your energy needs.

Solar Energy

Solar energy collects sunlight and converts it into electricity with the help of solar panels and its system.

We provide a full range of services from advisory, engineering design, procurement, construction as well as operation and maintenance of the system. The service is applicable to both residential, commercial & industrial

Solar Rooftop

Utilizing available area on the roof to install solar system for either self-consumption or generation.

Solar Floating

Solar Floating is an adaptation of solar energy onto the abundant water surface to maximize the efficiency of available area. With proven technology, it is safe for the water ecosystem and quality of the water.

Solar Ground Mount

Traditional solar installation type, where it can be applied with some small agriculture activities to increase efficiency of the land.

Turnkey Solutions

If energy is not your cup of tea but your business still highly relies on it, we are here to be your energy partner. With a strong engineering team, we can offer our service to integrate all solutions that best fit to your on-site specific requirements for long term benefits.  

Energy Efficiency

To achieve the reduction in energy demand, we aim to provide our services to optimize energy consumption for business operators. By conducting energy audits and close collaboration with clients, we can then seek the most suitable solutions which align with consumption behavior and enhance economic return.